Learn more about the devoted members who work to improve the OORC's operations.


Phil Penny smallerPhil Penny, President

Phil's first unforgettable biking experience happened when he was 10. He and a friend had built a BMX course in the woods behind his house. The first day he rode the course he smacked a tree with his left handle bar which later that evening led to surgery to put a pin into his exploded knuckle. 

About 12 years later, he and a college friend were attending AMBCS races--regionals and some national races for the next 15 years. Phil has hung that jersey up for the time being so that he can give back to the sport he loves so dearly.

Phil heard about the OORC in 1999 and joined in 2000 at the 71 Classic. He was elected President in late 2008 and re-elected for his second term as President in late 2011. Phil's focus is to help make NWA one of the top MT. bike destinations in the U.S.

So he will build trails!


steve schneider photo smaller

Steve Schneider, Vice President

Steve is 56 years old, born in Santa Cruz, California, and moved to the Ozarks in 1981. He is a lifetime avid hiker/backpacker, who started mountain biking in late 1990's. He joined the OORC in 2005, wanting to give back what so many others have given to him....trails. Steve was voted in as the vice president in December 2011. He is a very active and passionate club member, defending and maintaining our Ozark regions trail systems.


john sage small

John Sage, Treasurer

Though John has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life, he has only recently acquired the taste of mountain biking. He rode Lake Fayetteville for the first time in 2005 on a steel frame and has been addicted ever since.

John joined the OORC in 2008 because he wanted to be more active in building, improving and maintaining trails in Northwest Arkansas. Now, a lifetime member, he continues to support the OORC in its goal to make Northwest Arkansas one of the best places to ride.


how kuff photo smallerHow Kuff, Secretary

An avid backpacker and hiker since his teenage years, How Kuff has always loved being out exploring the natural world. In 1989 he was introduced to mountain biking in (of all places) Central Park NYC… rolling and racing through woods along dirt trails up and over granite boulders, and he was hooked. Returning to his Buffalo River headwaters mountain home, he soon had acquired his own mountain bike and was rolling and racing on the trails and forest roads all over the Ozark National Forest at the top of the Buffalo. From there to Moab-UT, CO, WY, ID, CA, WA, OR, MT, SD, ND and on and on riding his bike exploring nature and trails all over the U.S., as well as Asia and Europe. He has been a member of the OORC from the beginning and has been serving as Secretary for the past 5 years.


Chuck Maxwell smallerChuck Maxwell, Trails Coordinator

Chuck grew up in Austin, TX terrorizing the Barton Hills neighborhood on his BMX, and then graduated to a 5 speed cruiser for High School commuting. He bought his first Mountain Bike in 1988, a Specialized Rockhopper.  With the Barton Hills Green Belt trails ¼ of mile from his house, he began his enthusiasm for Mountain Biking and trail development. Chuck moved to Fayetteville, AR in January of 1996 and joined the OORC in 1999, continuing his enjoyment of connecting with the Earth. He was newly elected to Trails Coordinator in January 2012, becoming a more active member of the club.


Mike Lewis smaller

Mike "Lewie" Lewis, Events Coordinator

A yokel to the area, he was an avid competitor in his college years and took up mountain biking to stay in shape. Of course, life happens, and he stopped biking and exercising and next thing you know medical issues started happening and Obesity is a realization.  He had to do something and getting out riding was his “thing”.

When he first started riding trials he never thought about how the trails were built or how they were maintained.  It was as though they magically appeared and took care of themselves. Over time, he realized this was not the case and started volunteering and helping out the Ozark OffRoad Cyclists.

He loves that the OORC also advocates to save areas and helps with the development of new trails.  He sees this as his way to give back as it allows opportunities for everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors and live a fuller life.


larry davis smallerLarry Davis, Rides Coordinator

Born and raised in NW Arkansas, he spent 10 years on the west coast as a young adult, returning to the area in 1980.  He began mountain biking in earnest in 2010 due to the influence of close friends involved with the OORC. As a retired firefighter/paramedic, Larry works with the volunteer medical staff at all of the local events and looks forward to serving as Rides Coordinator, offering riding experiences for the novice as well as the expert.  He also enjoys trail building and sustainment.

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