Fat Tire Festival

It’s a blast of adrenaline rush when you grab the handlebars and roll the pedals of your bike at the Fat Tire Festival. Taking place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, it gives the mountain biking fanatics a chance to indulge in racing and social rides over a weekend of 3 days. From burning some rubber in the short track racing to plunging downhill on gravel tracks- you have it all.


Short Track

You compete in an action packed end to end race over mostly flat short circuit course. Fast paced and taxing on the nerves, the total time on the course is around 20 minutes. You will be greeted with some pavement sections with ample power sections and low elevation change. The creek crossing may present you with a stream or remain dry if there is no rain. The race ends in the Sports fields.

PTD Downhill

Conceived by Progressive Trail Design, racers can get ultimate downhill racing experience with jumps, rock drops and technical characteristics. The race is organized at the Lake Leatherwood Downhill Challenge Trail.

The 1 mile long course takes 2-3 minutes to finish with its tough clay and loose gravel surface. You take on table tops, step ups, step downs, doubles, rock and ledge drops and rock gardens. The technical features have international standard difficulty signs to assist riders.

Beginners can also explore alternate lines and roll around features.

Super D

Bikers embark on a cross over cross country and downhill riding with roll around options for beginners. The 1 ¾ mile long course is oriented for cross country with a bit of challenge.

Cross Country

It is a long 10 to 22 mile long race starting within city limits and progressing with decent climbs in the forest regions. The race begins at the iconic Basin Park and for 3 miles navigates through paved and off-road surfaces with some climbing. The dirt trail at the City Park gives you an ascent of 1,000-2,500 feet with equal descents.

The soil is characterized by gravel and limestone surface.

Local Information

You can camp at the Lake Leatherwood campsite or make a reservation at the Inn of the Ozarks.

Organizer: Fat Tire Festival, and on Facebook


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