Lake Fayetteville Trail

If you’re in Arkansas you’ll want to try out the Lake Fayetteville trail. Fayetteville is one of the larger cities in the area situated at the foot of the beautiful Ozark mountain range. Here, there are trails for hiking, biking and picnicking as well as rare flora and fauna. With over 200 days of sunshine each year and a silver bicycle award from the League of American bicyclists it’s a choice setting for the casual trail biker.

Description & Difficulty

The trail is set in a loop which begins in the parking lot. You can ride the trail either way but counter-clockwise provides a better experience. Take the right exit from the parking lot onto the smooth 10km single track.

There’s not much to worry about on a trail like this. There’s few changes in elevation or roots to watch out for. It’s really all about the scenery which starts off in a dense forest before opening out into grassy meadows. After cycling over a few bridges the trail slithers through the forest and takes you onto a paved bike-way. Here, you pass alongside the Fayetteville dam before joining up with the parking lot where you began.

Aside from the dipped shortcuts and optional hill jumps it’s a pretty basic trail. The surface is shared by hikers, cyclists and dog walkers so it’s not a particularly fast. If you’re just starting out in the mountain bike scene, or want to spend a day out with the family this is a wise choice, just don’t expect an adrenaline rush.

Local Information

The trail is run by the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation team. You can get in contact with them if you have any specific questions about the trail. The Ozark bicycle club dominate the local scene so feel free to contact them too for a few extra hints and tips.

If you’re looking for a place to stay the nearest city is Fayetteville. It’s the third largest town in Arkansas with a vibrant student population. The town is built into the Ozark Mountains so you’ll have no problem reaching the trails from there.

Photo by NWA Trails

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