Lake Leatherwood: Eureka Springs, AR

Lake Leatherwood is one of the many beautiful parks in Eureka Springs. There´s over 21 miles of hiking and biking trails here which are all built around the scenic lake. On offer are some of the most challenging trails in Arkansas. They have it all, steep slopes, rocky drops, technical sections and a varied terrain. These trails all interlink so, with planning, you can design your own route across the 1610 acre national park. If you just want to get out there, here´s our favorite way.

Description & Difficulty

Begin at the Mulladay Hollow. You´ll be taking the Beacham trail then switching onto the Leatherwood trail. This will take you alongside the creek before leading you to the challenging Twin Knobs trail. This trail is not for the physically faint hearted with its diverse terrain, sharp turns and rocky formations.

The Twin Knobs trail climbs up to 300ft. Switch between this and the Beach Loop trail as you climb the mountain. Switch onto the Lost Ridge Trail for a round of bluffs and pivot rock formations.

You can switch to the Hyde Hollow Trail from here, which is one of the more dangerous in the park. For those who dare, Hyde Hollow has seasonal springs, rocky creeks and lush ground cover. During wet weather the course is exceptionally difficult and can even be impassable. Check with the authorities before taking this trail.

Once you’ve passed Hyde Hollow switch onto the Beacham trail. This is relatively low-maintenance elevation wise but has some tricky terrains to navigate. After you’ve passed the Fuller Trail take a right onto the Overlook trail which will take you up to the Leatherwood dam.

The final trail is Miner’s rock. This is the local’s trail which takes you winding up a long steep hill to the unique geological formation of miner’s rock. If you’ve still got some energy left dip down into Miner’s Rock Connector and follow the loop to join back up with the Mulladay Hollow.

Local Information

With so many trails to cover it’s well worth booking in at the campsite. Rest and ride whilst meeting other enthusiasts and hikers. If you want a little more luxury you can book a cabin or stay in the nearby Eureka springs town.

The Ozark mountain bike club is here to help you plot a course depending on your skill and, if you have more questions, you can contact Eureka Springs Park and Recreation team.

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