Lincoln Lake: Lincoln, AR

Thousands of fishing and rock climbing enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Lincoln Lake each year from as far off as Germany. With 400 acres of land, 90 of which are water, as well as nesting grounds for rare bald eagles there´s plenty to see here. But we’re interested in the trails. Lincoln Lake has a lot to choose from with three main trails: The Piney Loop, Eagle View Trail and the Lake Loop Trail. They´re all around 4 miles long with varying skill levels.

Description & Difficulty

The easiest of the three trails is the Piney Loop. It follows the lake towards the dam with easy terrain and little by way of inclines. There’s some fantastic rock formations to look out for before you dip into the dense pine forest that runs by the lake.

The Eagle View Trail offers the best views of the three, particularly at the lower loop. It can be a little bit strenuous for cyclists as you climb through the forest path up to the view overlook. Here, you can catch your breath whilst keeping an eye out for bald eagles. For those that what to test themselves, take the lower loop which has some serious technical sections, rocky bluffs and tough terrain. Sticking with the upper loop treats you to a half mile of rocky descent back to the main lake.

The final trail is the Lake Loop trail which is the most difficult in the park. You can turn onto this trail from both the other trails but be warned, it takes you through some remote wooded areas full of roots. On top of that there’s a wet creek to be crossed with a host of tricky technical sections. Recommended only for experienced cyclists the Lake Loop trail will give anyone a tough challenge.

Local Information

The nearest town is the city of Lincoln but there´s plenty of motels nearer to the park. The Ozark cycling club are always happy to help out whilst the land is owned by the City of Lincoln. If you need to get in touch you can do so here.

Photo by Logan Delisle/YouTube

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