Mt. Kessler: Farmington, AR

Mt. Kessler is situated in 1,500-acre plot of wildlife and forests. Though much of the land is private owned, 200 acres is open the public all year round. If you´re looking out for a back-country trail this might just do the trick. What´s unique about Mt. Kessler is that you can help to decide the future of this reserve. Entry is free all hours but Fayetteville’s council asks that you fill a log book to say what you´re using the reserve for. Hopefully, if enough bikers come through we there will be more trails in the future, because the scenery here is magnificent.

Description & Difficulty

The mountain trail isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. You´ll need to take a little time to get used to the rocky and rooty combination throughout. There’s boulders that require lots of technical skill to navigate as well as a steep climb up the mountain side; Mt. Kessler is 1,856 ft. above sea level with a 7-mile trail.

Most of the trails here come through the “fire pit” which is located at the end of the Rock city trail. The highlights are the Crazy Mary descent and Spellbound. Crazy Mary is a descent over broken rocks and roots with a lot of ups and downs as the route levels out.

Spellbound is the one of the finest trails in Arkansas. Sharp changes in elevation combine with technical steps make Spellbound one of the most exhilarating trails here. Honorable mentions go to Western Myth and Egg Beater. A couple of moderate descents with beautiful scenery and stop off points.

This trail will test your fitness and your technical ability, so you should come prepared. Intermediate to expert riders will need time to get accustomed to the trails terrains whilst beginners should probably avoid them altogether.

Local Information

It´s important to say that there´s no parking available on site. Drop your car off at the nearby Smokehouse and finish the journey by cycling up to the trail. Should you need to contact local authorities you can do so through their website here. The local Ozark cycling club should be able to help with specific trails.

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