Syllamo: Mountain View, AR

Syllamo trail is located at the Green Mountain Road and half a mile north of Jack Fishing Resort. Syllamo parking area is located about 1.3 miles on the Green Mountain Road. The trail is mainly covered with gravel but well-marked. Bad maintenance has made this trail a little not fun. For instance, there are many downed trees and other obstacles on the trail which make navigation quite difficult. Locals assert that it is only tended shortly before commencement of the Syllamo’s Revenge bike race.

Description and Difficulty

Syllamo trail is made up of five trail sections:

  1. Point 17 (Bad Branch Loop) – This section spans 12 miles although it has two connectors which shorten it to about 8 miles. You are recommended to ride clockwise in this loop. For that reason, the loop is blazed red. Of all Syllamo’s loops, it is the least technical, with an elevation gain of fewer than 1000 feet.
  2. Jack Branch Loop – It is recommended that you drive counter-clockwise on this loop. For that reason, it is blazed yellow. The most beginner friendly part of the loop is the northern section. The southern side is a little more technical in terms of elevation gain and rock navigation. If you get to the southern side and then decide not to finish the rest of the trip, you can opt to return by navigating any of the 3 “Bail Out” options which are simple wood roads that lead back Green Mountains Road.
  3. Point 18 (Bald Scrappy Loop) – It is situated at the foothills of the Green Mountain Road. It starts half a mile north at Jack Fishing Resort. Syllamo parking area is located just 1.3 miles down the Green Mountain Road. You can access this trail from White River Bluffs Trailhead at just 7 miles where the train deeps into the parking lot. There are yellow blazes on posts to mark the loop.
  4. Point 16 (Scrappy mountain loop) – It is a blue blazed section of the trail with the greatest elevation gain. You are recommended to ride this section clockwise. It is a tough route with large elevation changes, frequent steep pitches, and difficult climbs. You need skills to navigate its many rocky obstacles.
  5. White River Bluff – The loop begins at the tail of White River Bluff. It is blazed green and does not have any elevation gains. The reduced elevation variation doesn’t mean the climb is easy throughout and you may encounter a number of tough climbs.

What’s Nearby

There are plenty of bicycle-friendly towns and events in the area.

  • Bentonville – It has a range of mountain bike trails including Hidden Diversity, Upper Buffalo, Mount Kessler, Ben Geren, Mount Magazine Ride and Slaughter Pen.
  • Little Rock – Trails near this town include Camp Robinson Trails, Upper Buffalo, Boyle Park, Lake Maumelle Loop, Oppello Loop, Tour of Petit Jean among others.
  • Three popular cycling events are held around Syllamo and Mountain View, AR: Fall Bicycle Tour (October), Downtown Fall Festival and Chilli Cookoff (October) and Spa Run Bicycle Rides (November).
Photo by JBar Cycling

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