Syllamo’s Revenge

The 50 mile long single track racing event held at the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas is an ultimate test of your skills and stamina. Made up of 5 loops, you get amazing views of White River, forested areas, creek valleys, mountains racing along the trail. But it’s better not to get too engrossed in the surroundings as there is a race to win!

You have some rigorous climbs as the total ascent is about 5,000 to 6,000 feet over the 50 mile stretch. Most of the trail is unpaved saved from the two points where you cross the highway. Most of the distance is single track road.

Course Details

Starting at the Blanchard Campground, you soon enter the Forest Service Road where you pedal at 11% grade. Taking a right you enter the Jack’s Branch Loop where the single track begins.

You will take the right to the Scrappy Mtn Loop and proceed to the Bald Scrappy Loop where the first checkpoint is located. Some difficult rocky sections will make your ride exciting.

Next you take up the White River Bluff Loop and reach Townsend Road. Next the race will take you through Bald Scrappy Loop and Scrappy Mtn Loop before you stop and the second checkpoint at Highway 5 Trail Head.

The next part of the race is most challenging with technical features and continuous climbing. You pedal towards the mountain crossing the Livingston Creek and go all the way up the Scrappy Mtn Loop before taking Jack’s Branch Loop to your third checkpoint at Bad Branch Trail Head.

The next part of the race is the easiest with mostly downhill sections. Traveling 13 miles on the Bad Branch Loop you finally come to the final checkpoint before ending the race at Blanchard Springs Campground.

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