Upper Buffalo Trail: Jasper, AR

Upper Buffalo Trail in Jasper Arkansas is a mountain biker’s haven. It is37 miles in a circle. There are 16.3 climbing miles and then 16.6 miles of descent. It is a 4.6% average grade of incline. The highest level of incline on the trail is 24.1%.

The trail is divided into 18 different trails with two trail heads. Along the route of the trail, there will be 35 separate stops that one can use to assess one’s place in the trail. It really is a hand built trail. Through 9.6 miles of the trail there is a connection to the roadways.

This trail makes this a very intense biking trip. Even though it is not much of an incline, there are parts that can be fairly hilly and intense. The area is also very remote so this is a true wilderness experience. Don’t expect any cell phone service in the area.

Upper Buffalo Trail, due to the remoteness and the terrain, is currently only recommended for seasoned mountain bikers.

The nearest town isFayetteville. The trail is part of the International Mountain Biking Association. It is governed by rules that apply to all Arkansas trails. Always ask a land manager if you are unsure if certain parts of the trail are open (). The land manager is USFS – Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Office at (800) 832-1355.

Make sure to obey the speed limits for bikes and respect other riders. Make sure not to scare the animals by approaching them unannounced. Having a bell on one’s back pack might be a good idea to warn animals that you are approaching. Also, make sure to have the appropriate head gear and be safe while riding.

This is a back country trail that will be very enjoyable for people looking for a challenge.

Photo by Arkansas Outside via CC BY-2.0

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