Lake of the Ozarks Will Soon Have an Osage Casino

Descendants of the indigenous peoples of North America, the Osage have been in North America since thousands of years. The Osage, also known as Osage Nation, have a strong connection to Missouri. There was a time when the tribe had developed villages in central and western parts of the state. These places had vast hunting grounds and an abundance of natural resources.

You’ll find traces of their past in the Osage villages, sacred sites, and burials and rock art in caves. After a series of treaties, the Osage finally found their permanent home in Oklahoma. Today, the Osage Nation has a government and enjoy an independent judiciary.

The Osage casinos

The tribal gaming casinos and real money online casino authorized by the federal congress are operated by the government of the Osage Nation. Revenues from these casinos are used for funding the education, housing, healthcare, and nutritional support of the tribe’s members. The income generated from the casinos are not distributed to the tribe’s members as per capita payment or dividend.

Those operating the casinos have decades of experience in running these establishments. They currently operate seven casinos in the Oklahoma area. Three of these casinos have hotels as a part of the complex. Only 10 percent of Osage Nation’s members have employment in these casinos. The Osage casinos pay Medicare, Social Security, and taxes on their 1,300 employees.

Regulation of Osage casinos

The regulation of Osage casinos happen through several regulatory bodies at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) regulates the gaming operations in these casinos. The NIGC makes sure that the casinos comply with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). This act sets out the framework for regulating the casino gaming activities.

When it comes to state-level regulations, the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) regulates gaming operations in the Osage casinos. The OIGA is responsible for ensuring that the casinos comply with state laws and regulations.

The Osage Nation Gaming Commission (ONGC) also serves as the regulatory body for the Osage casinos. The ONGC issues gaming licenses and conducts background investigations on gaming employees. It also ensures that the casinos operate in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations.

Supporting the Lake of the Ozarks community

The Osage casinos would work closely with the utility providers, local law enforcement agencies, and other service providers. They plan to employ 120 members from the local community. The jobs have the potential to pay upto $150,000 every year in addition to providing attractive educational, health, and retirement benefits. A payroll of $7 million is being anticipated annually, which will result in significant local spending.

Additionally, the Osage casinos plan to support the programs of local schools and the government. They’re already doing a wonderful job of building strong community partnerships and taking cultural education initiatives. Through such activities, the Osage casinos intend to spread awareness about the Osage Nation among the locals.

The new Osage casino

A brand new Osage casino is coming up on the grounds of the former Quality Inn Hotel. It is located in Miller County near Lake of the Ozarks. The upcoming complex will include a casino, hotel, restaurants, and entertainment facility. This casino is all set to enhance the tourism footprint of the Lake of the Ozarks.

The entertainment center will attract an estimated investment of $60 million. The completion of this project will happen in phases. The first phase includes the casino, restaurant, sports bar, and meeting spaces. It also includes a hotel with rooms, suites, a fitness center, swimming pool, and a pool bar.

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