6 Fabulous Mountain Biking Trails in the Ozarks

If you’re seeking some of the best trails in the United States for mountain biking, head to the Ozarks. This mountainous region has everything that most mountain bikers crave for. Scenic vistas, diverse range of trails, and rugged terrain are some of the offerings that they’ll get to enjoy.

All these features make the Ozark Mountains no less than a paradise for mountain bikers of all skill levels. Here, we’ll try to explore some of the popular mountain biking trails located in the Ozarks:

1. Lake Leatherwood

You’ll find trails with a mix of difficulty levels in Lake Leatherwood. It is a 1610-acre park, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Lake Leatherwood trails offer more than 25 miles of mountain biking trails. They’re suited for mountain bikers of all skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced.

They also comprise varied terrain from technical rocky sections to single tracks. The park also features a lake, picnic areas, and camping facilities, making it a fantastic destination for weekend trips.

2. Slaughter Pen Trail

Located in Bentonville, Arkansas, this world-class trail system offers over 25 miles of single-track trails through the Ozark Mountains. They give the right doses of thrills and adventure with their varying difficulty levels. They are well-maintained and are an excellent combination of amazing technical features.

You’ll be able to enjoy some scenic vistas while exploring this trail on your mountain bike. Slaughter Pen Trail is also used for the annual Oz Trails Off-Road mountain bike race. This exciting event draws mountain bikers from all over the country.

3. Devils Den State Park

Devils Den State Park is a 2,500-acre park located in West Fork, Arkansas. This park developed Fossil Flats, the first designated mountain biking trail in the state park system. Along with this trail developed in the 1980s came the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival. Devils Den State Park has more than 20 miles of excellent mountain biking trails.

4. Two Rivers Mountain Bike Park

This 400-acre park is located in Springfield, Missouri. It has more than 8 miles of Ozarks terrain for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers. If you’re a beginner, you can try the least difficult 1.5-mile trail. You’ll have a wonderful time riding on the trails that feature natural surfaces.

They’ll give you the thrills with their climbing and drop sections, built-in curved walls, and rock features. The more experienced mountain bikers can try the most difficult 7-mile trail in this park.

5. Hobbs State Park

There’s something for every mountain biker in Hobbs State Park, located in Rogers, Arkansas. Starting at the park’s visitor center, the bikers can go east on the Tunnel Connector Trail. This trail is 2 miles long. If you’re on the Tunnel Connector Trail, make sure you don’t ride or walk across Highway 12. There are limited sight lines and the traffic moves rather quickly.

6. Mount Kessler Greenways

Mount Kessler Greenways is a 20-mile trail system located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Kessler Mountain area has rock-covered woods and miles of nature trails. While exploring the trails, you’ll come across some fascinating native flora and fauna.

The area has more than 370 acres of underdeveloped land ideal for hiking and mountain-biking. The trail system also offers scenic views of the Ozark Mountains. It makes Mount Kessler Greenways a great destination for bikers who want to enjoy some beautiful vistas.

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